Services & Capabilities:

"Al-Syam" is a leading company in the construction sector in Egypt, with wide and long-standing experience in various sectors, and includes a qualified,competent and Capable team to

implement projects of various sizes

"Al-Syam", works to meet civil, mechanical and electrical needs.

Electrical Services:

Complete installation of power systems for commercial, industrial and residential complexes.

  • Low voltage networks, which include cables in different ways of wirings, as well as cable trays of all kinds
  • General and subsidiary low voltage chambers and panels.

Electricity Distribution Systems.

• Supply, install and maintain of ring main units (RMU) of medium voltage

• Supply, install and maintain of power transformers of all types

Fire Detection Systems and Alarms.

  • Supply, install and maintain of conventional fire systems of all kinds
  • Supply, install and maintain of addressable fire systems of all kinds

Panels & Boards

  • Power Boards Control Panels
  • Converting analog to digital panels
  • panels control
  • Boards Power
  • Supply and install of all (Classic Control - PLC-DCS-SCADA) panels

Low Current Section

  • Control systems for entry, exit, attendance and departure
  • TV surveillance systems
  • Internal broadcasting systems
  • Data transfer systems
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Ground networks and electric shocks protection.

  • Supply, install and maintain of earthing systems for power and low current
  • Supply, install and maintain of electric shock protection systems

Power Factor Correction

Electricity distribution companies impose fines on large consumers if there is a poor power factor less than 0.9. We do the necessary maintenance, replacement or supply and installation of power factor correction systems.

Services of Protecting Facilities from Fire

Design and installation of all manual and automatic protection systems with water, gas and foam. Black and galvanized seamless iron pipes. Instalment of all requirements.

Explosion-Proof Services

• Anti-explosive lamps.

• Anti-explosive fans.

Junction boxes, outlets, cable glands, anti-explosion control panels.