Electrical panel

Electrical panel is a combination of electrical devices which uses electrical power to control various mechanical function of industry equipment or machinery.

 An electrical panel includes two main categories

  1. Panel Structure
  2. Electrical component

Panel structure

The structure of an electrical panel is a combination of enclosure and back panel.

The enclosure a type of metal box which varies in size and is typically made of an aluminium or stainless steel. The number of doors usually one or two needed on enclosure. Enclosure have following properties like waterproof, dust proofing and indoor and outdoor use purpose and Hazardous condition rating and back panels a sheet mounted inside the enclosure that provide structure support for DIN rail mounting and wiring ducts.

Electrical component

There are eight types of mainly electrical component within an electrical panel enclosure which define and organize a several different functions carried out by panel.

This component includes:

    1. Main circuit breaker
    2. Surge arrestors
    3. Transformer
    4. Terminal blocks
    5. Programmable logic control
    6. Relays and contractors
    7. Circuit breakers
    8. Human machine interface

Types of Panels

  • HT panel

HT Panel are generally used to supply power to various electrical devices and distribution board. HT panels are installed for both outdoor and indoor application mostly used in every substation for controlling the power flow.

  • Power control center panel

It take directly supply from transformer and used to control power supply in large industry as well as commercial units. The power supplied into heavy machineries, equipments , transformer are controlled according to need of electrical load using these PCC panels. It is used in every industry like chemical, plastic, paper, power, oil, and natural gas, dairies. The main function of panel is to protect and control power distribution for large manufacturing industries.

  • Main LT panel

These are used as low voltage panel to obtain power from generator or transformer and distribution electricity to various electrical devices and distribution board. LT panel are designed to function at lower voltage up to 430V with low insulation level.

  • MCC panel

These panels are an assembly of starters, circuit breakers, fuses, relay and variable frequency drive to control drives from center location. It consists of multiple enclosed section having a common power bus and with each section containing combination starter, which in turn consist of motor starter, fuses or circuit breaker and power disconnect. Motor control center also includes push button, indicator, variable frequency drive, logic controller and starters and metering equipment. These panels are used in large commercial building, industry and where there are multiple drives that need to be controlled from a central location, such as mechanical room or electrical room.